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This webpage provides useful information, competitive pricing, and online sales of Gondola Shelving Uprights available in 3 configurations.

Available for Madix, Lozier and Streeter Shelving Systems.


Gondola Basic Upright

Store Shelves Uprights

The basic upright is one of the major pillars to a Gondola Shelving unit that primarily holds up the shelving unit.  We have basic uprights available for Madix shelving.


Wall Mount Upright

Wall Mount Half Uprights
Wall Mount Half Uprights
Wall Mount Half Uprights
madix Uprights

Half Uprights are wall mountable uprights that can be mounted to a wall in your existing wall studs that are 16" apart by most state, county, and city building code.  You must use 4' wide shelves  as when you mount the uprights into the wall they would mount in every 3rd stud that would equal 4' or 48".  NOTE when using wall mountable Uprights carefully consider the load you need to place on the shelves connected to the Wall Mountable Hsalf Uprights.


Upright Extensions

Extension Uprights available for wall and gondola sections

Upright extensions provide the capability to add to the height of your existing Gondola or wall section.  The extension backs are also available and sold separately.  A splicer spanner is also required to connect the existing back panel to the extension back panel.  We have upright extensions available for Madix shelving.



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Gondola Extension Uprights