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Wall Mount Store Shelves

Wall Mount Store Shelves
Wall Mount Uprights
Wall Mount Store Shelves
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This webpage provides useful information, affordable pricing, and online sales of Wall Mount Uprights.

Ideal for mounting Store Shelves on a wall or any type of fixture assembly.

Best implemented with 48" shelves as the studs in the wall are suppose to be every 16" by standard building code. If you are going to use 3' wide shelves you are going to have to devise a plan to mount Wall Mount Uprights to the wall.

Lag bolts are recommended to secure these uprights to the wall.

Measurements 1 9/16" High X 1 11/32" Wide.

For wall mounted shelving applications that install on 36" or 48" and use standard Madix 36" or 48" shelves and accessories.  Does not have provisions for Back Panels.  Installation and mounting hardware not included.  Available in heights from 36" to 96".  Pricing below.

Wall Upright Pricing

Gondola Upper Shelves

Larger Shelf Selection Available - Upper Shelves Sold Separately

Gondola Upper Shelves
Gondola Upper Shelves


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